April 9th, 2007

Dance Dance Dance


So I post a lot of music on here for you guys to share, but I'm running out of awesome songs for my iPod. I only have a nano so it doesn't hold that much at a time, but still, I need some new awesome songs to listen to when I'm driving (my car, the MinoTaurus doesn't have a CD player and I live in the pit of radio stations)

So, you guys wanna share some music with me via yousendit.com or other means? :D :D :D :D :D

I like everything just about aside from rap and hip hop (unless its that "move bitch, get out' da way" song cuz I think I just about die laughing whenever I hear it) I like neofolk, foreign stuff, instrumental, industrial, dance, alternative, whatevers playing on the radio stations these days (theyre inventing new genres everyday wtf), some country, oldies, classic rock, classical, whatevah! Plus its a chance for you guys to share some of your favorites as I've done before on here.

Plzzzzzzz? *eyelash bats!*

bats in my eyelashes? Whatever I'm new at this begging thing.

*edit* Hey guys, no reccommendations, just downloadables please. I have no way of downloading anything you'd suggest because the computer with my downloading software isn't hooked up to the net (and I can't seem to get it to be so) and I'm using my mom's computer which I'm not allowed to download new software on. I can only download stuff to my flash drive to take over to /my/ computer to put into iTunes for my iPod D: Thanks though!