June 13th, 2007

Shabu Dog

Sketch commission slots! $10 each

I have a free day today and I just sent off a sketch to a commissioner waiting for approval so I have some time, I'm taking a couple sketch commissions one at a time!

Slot is $10, comment here if interested, wait for my response, then email me at thornwolf227@gmail.com. This is also my paypal addy, and note, I can only take paypal for these. Please respond quickly! The sooner I get your description the sooner I can work on it :3

Thanks a bunch!

1. mitsu_chan

I'm doing these all day folks.
Shabu Dog

Prints and originals for sale! $5 prints

I got a lot of requests for prints of the ACEO cards I've made recently I finally got them scanned in for my portfolio and now that means I'm able to sell them! I only made one print run for these things, so I only have limited supplies currently on the prints. I can make another run but it might be awhile because I'm kinda busy lately. I'll post the thumbnail and list how many are left of each.

Prints are $5 each

Prints also come individually signed and dated by me on the back of each card :3

As for the originals, they all have different prices, they are listed below the descriptions.

If you are interested in either prints or originals please comment or email me at thornwolf227@gmail.com, your item will only be reserved after payment has been sent, no "holds". Cost for shipping is $1 within the US and $3 international, multiple purchases are sent in the same package for same shipping price

Methods of payment: I am only accepting paypal at this time, sorry. This is mostly due to lately things have been so hectic I haven't been getting mail sent to me in a timely manner. paypal address is thornwolf227@gmail.com

Dino Dragon ACEO

Title: Dino Dragon
Size: 2.5"X3.5"
Number of prints available: 6
Price of original: SOLD!

Punk Giraffe ACEO card

Title: Punk Giraffe
Size: 2.5"X3.5"
Number of prints available: 8
Price of original: $20

Lookout - ACEO

Title: Lookout
Size: 2.5"X3.5"
Number of prints available: 6
Price of original:$30

Gladilion ACEO card

Title: Gladilion
Size: 2.5"X3.5"
Number of prints available: 7
Price of original: SOLD!
Kangavroom ACEO card

Title: Kangavroom
Size: 3.5"X2.5"
Number of prints available: 4
Price of original: $45

*edit* duh, forgot to say how much the prints were. They're only $5 each!

Disqualified Dogs Portfolios, get em while theyre hot hot HOT!

What is this pimp day or what? Anyways you guys, guess what, I have pinups to sell. :D Smexy pinuppy doggy goodness via the Disqualified Dogs Digital Portfolio!
For samples please visit the official website located
-----> HERE <----

This is also the portfolio that holds these two images by me:
"Warming Up" (Pit Bull) - edited so its semi-safe for work
"Brokeback Outback" (Cattle Dog) SFW

Cost per digital portfolio: $25 (plus $2 shipping within the US, $5 shipping internationally)

What do you get in this CD rom chock full of goodness?
- 34 images at full size printable glory by a multitude of very talented and diversely skilled artists
- Wallpapers of each image designed for all different screen sizes

This portfolio contains art from:
-Hosea Kittomer
-Mutley James
-Roz Gibson
-Heather Bruton
-Bloodhound Omega
-Wolf Nymph
-Egypt Urnash
-Cara Mitten
-Miss Monster
-Adam Wan
-Kabuki Homewood

Please email me at thornwolf227@gmail.com if interested!