June 14th, 2007

Nicole jealous/angry

Dear internet...

Dear internet,

I remember mentioning this before, but what on God's green earth is the point of LJ icons like this?

You know the type. Tiny unreadable text shrunken down to a subatomic level. It would be one thing if it were taken from a much larger image with text and shrunken down where scale is not thy friend, granted it would reek of unprofessionalism, but no, there icons are PURPOSEFULLY MADE this way. I would really like to know why. Why do this? Why bother?

Is it some sick desire for secret subliminal messages being displayed on comment pages? Most of the time they're just movie quotes or song lyrics. Niether of which anyone can READ so it loses all its propriety in context.

One of these days I'm gonna make an icon with that "Aristocrats" joke all tiny-fied, just to have the same sense of smug satisfaction these people do, knowing that my icon says something so utterly fucked up, and even though you're staring right at it, you can't read it.
Shabu Dog

Digitally painted portrait commission spot - Need example for tutorial!

So I got a lot of requests to make a tutorial on how I did the last pic, but I didnt take screen grabs. SO! Here's what I'm offering:

For $30 you get a 9 inch by 9 inch digital portrait of your character drawn in open canvas (and 100X100 pixel icon of it as well!) in the style I did that last pic in (please see my icon to refresh your memory). One character only please. If its particularly complicated like say, you have 6 sets of horns or you want wings showing in the pic it will be extra. How much extra depends on what you plan on torturing me with *so meeeeean! :( *

I'm only offering one slot at this time because really I only need one to make this tutorial, its for ed-yew-muh-cay-shun-ul purposes.

So yes, please, comment here if interested! Paypal only! Since, once again, this is a quick thing I need to not dick around with otherwise I'll totally lose drive and time XD


Email AND paypal is thornwolf227@gmail.com

Thank you much! Muchos gracias! Vielen Dank! And all that sort of thing...