August 25th, 2007

Shabu Dog

SpongeDog NoPants

The other day my dog had some minor surgery and the vet went a little...well..crazy. Needless to say my dog has holes all over her.

...So I covered them with SpongeBob bandaids. Ironic to use bandages featuring a cartoon sponge to cover up holes, no?


Oh my god...oh my god you guys...they glow in the dark. I just turned off the lights and all i see are these little luminescent dots walking around the room *CRACKS UP* XD poor Jesse.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Shabu Dog


Finally...after years of trying, I've finally made it to the big time. Something I've drawn has finally...FINALLY replaced silber's default LJ icon XD Nearly all his icons are drawn by me in the hopes that each time I might top the last and make it into that "default" slot, but none were good enough to replace his iron cross one because they were too "furry".

But ha ha I have him beat! :D

Yay for silber's new default!

This is..this is such a beautiful moment *tear*

I'm really easy to please, it seems :)
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For doc_halfmoon

doc_halfmoon asked me what kind of animal he reminds me of and asked if I could draw him as one. To me he looks like a European brown hare (with sideburns *cough*), but I dunno if that will be appealing to him XD We'll find out when he sees it.

Zeno Hare

*edit* Added another one

Zeno Hare 2
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