October 1st, 2007

Niko smug

Ancient Commission - FINISHED

Several Cuba Libres and a whole lotta cursing later, I'm finally finished with a painting I've been working on all week.

3 years ago _graywolf_ commissioned me for a portrait of her character in a specific corset of her's featuring her favorite drink. Life threw me a few punches and my real media output was slim to none, especially for my larger stuff, needless to say, I didn't get around to it x___x. I kept her up to date of course (as it is good customer service to do!!! *hint hint*), and she said not to worry, but I still felt bad. So I decided that when I /did/ do it, it would be something special, especially because this is my own personal record for longest commission ever and something I never want to repeat again as that is just...well bad business and bad friendship. So I decided to not just give her something in color but a painting. My very first painting actually as I've never really worked with acrylics or gouache before. So, without further ado, here's my very first acrylic/gouache painting, a portrait of Graywolf. :3

Graywolf Portrait

Thank you so much for your patience, Ingrid. And hey guys this is proof that the longer you wait, the more I'll make it worth it! ;D

Oh and PS: I painted this while blitzed on rum and coke. FOR THE RECORD! *holds glass up* Alcohol = productivity!
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