October 11th, 2007

Niko - Beach

Digital Conbadges - ArtRage

Hey guys :) I'm offering 1 (one) slot for a digital conbadge done in ArtRage like the ones I've been doing. Cost is $40 to be paid via paypal only. You will receive the high res file. If I'm paid ASAP I can have it done this evening :)

So who would like the slot? First person to request the spot gets it, but please if you reserve the spot, pay ASAP to thornwolf227@gmail.com



I have my remaining 2 sketch commissions I will be scanning, that spur of the moment meeting in LA really hurt me financially something fierce.
Niko - Beach

ArtRage Badges

I have another slot available! Who would like an ArtRage conbadge for the price of $40, you get the high res? Paypal only please sent to thornwolf227@gmail.com. Please comment to reserve spot!


Thanks! :D
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