October 20th, 2007

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Slots open - Whichever!

Alright guys I'm opening slots for the following items: ArtRage Conbadges ($40), ArtRage speedpaintings ($25), 100X100 pixel Lj icons (like the one featured in my entry) ($15), and digital sketches ($10) ($5 extra for winged characters $10 per each additional character)

Limited slots available :) Please comment here if interested. I accept paypal, check or money order. Paypal address is thornwolf227@gmail.com, please send your descriptions to that address too! Thank you :3

1. rayndancer - icon
2. katarina42 -artrage badge
3. sagemane - artrage speed painting
4. wa_lawdawg -conbadge and digital sketch
5. lanakila -digital sketch
</s>(6. trufflehog - badge)</s>

Thanks guys!
Gladiator - PWNAGE!

Beneath The Arena

Beneath The Arena - Barbary Lion- acrylic and gouache. My contribution to the wildcatcards card deck project. This is the full version, the version on the card will be cropped to meet the dimensions of an average playing card. Prints are available on ArtSpots on spiffy paper (and I will vouch for their quality they are fantastic)

Beneath The Arena
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