October 23rd, 2007


Aw no

Talked to grandma. She hasn't evacuated. She's been asked to but she's too old/weak to stay at Qualcomm stadium. My uncle is with her but theres a lot of people on her street that have stayed. The thing they're not mentioning about Rancho Bernardo is that the general population is elderly folks. It started as a retirement community before some younger families started moving in, so most of the people in RB are old folks who are barely mobile.

Here's a map of the area. Check the bottom of the witch fire (the larger fire by ramona), near the 15. My grandma is on Caminito De Las Missiones.


*wrings hands*

I don't know how our friends are in Lake Arrowhead. I almost moved there last weekend but I didn't because the place I was renting, they needed to fix the front steps first. Thank god I didn't move yet.

*edit* Everyone say your prayers for smokepaw, he's been sent to fight the Malibu fire from NorCal. He called me last night from Malibu. I know we can use all the help we can get.
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Some good news

According to the Google Maps, it seems like the fire in Rancho Bernardo is retreating a bit. It's no longer heading towards my grandma's house so it looks like she can stay there, just the air quality is bad, so she's staying indoors. At least something.

Heard from smokepaw, he's okay. Still not sure if he's going to be relocated from Malibu or not.

No word on the status of our friends house in Lake Arrowhead, but I'm meeting up with them tomorrow morning, turns out they're here in Havasu as well. Hopefully all is well.

Thanks guys for your good thoughts and prayers. Thank you firefighters!