October 24th, 2007

Art Dump

Some Skeeeetches

For gatcat
Artiyote Goatichoke

For vantid
Darkwolf Demon

For spiritwolven
The Brothers

For alexf0x
Alex Fox broods

For silverfoxwolf
Silverfoxwolf Dance 1

Silverfoxwolf Dance 2

To those who have been waiting for art, I'm sorry I'm not as fast as I usually am, although I think that less than a week to wait for a sketch is more than reasonable. The fire situation has had me in such a panic I haven't really felt like doing much the last few days other than watch the news and sleep, watch the news some more, pace, and sleep.

Its better now that I know things are settling I just...really wasn't okay there for awhile. Please understand this. If your home was on fire I'm sure you'd be pretty scatterbrained also.