October 27th, 2007

Boots - Tanz Mit Laibach

Foreign MP3

Guy's I'm seriously addicted to foreign_mp3 even though I've been the one posting the most XD

Seriously go join or by the chesthair of Odin I will personally light all of your breakfast pastries on fire.

PS: are there more music sharing communities out there? There must be but I mean ones that get a lot of traffic.
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    Fusspils 11 - griechischer wein
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Niko - Beach

Speedpainting slot

Hey guys, I'm offering another speedpainting slot since I'm working on one right now and Im in the mood as it were. I might end up raising my prices for these depending cuz I keep fidgeting with them a whole heck of a lot which defeats the purpose of "speed painting", but for now its only $25.

If you would like a speedpainting done in artrage *like the one done for armaina lemme know by commenting here please :) Paypal only please, sent to thornwolf227@gmail.com


Thank yoooou!