November 2nd, 2007

Niko - Roman "Huh?"

Fixing and mailing acrylics

So I need to mail _graywolf_'s painting before I leave town (Sunday) and I have no idea how to mail an acrylic painting. Its on illustration board, that is...that gessoed particle board. What kind of fixative do you use and how should I mail it and pad it so that stuff doesn't stick to it? I have wax paper, would that work?

Advice on this would be wonderful. Thank you!
Niko - Winter - Blustery - Germany

Cougar in snow

ArtRage commission for calicougar

Cougar in Snow

Trying to finish my digital stuff before I leave Sunday. I'm taking all real media things with me to complete while I wait to get internet
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Here's the last digital sketches I have to do for this round. I have some real media ones to do but those will have to wait until I get out of Dodge. Hopefully I'll get internet soon when I'm back in Cali

This one's for wa_lawdawg
Lawdawg sketch

This one's for quatres_star
Say Cheese

And my icon is by fierycatthing. Pooooppies...poppies will put them to sleeeeep. Sleeeeeep >:D