November 4th, 2007

Niko - Poppies - LavaCat

Last art for awhile!

Well I'm already up way past my bedtime but I figured I'd post the last bits of art I can post before I unplug.

First up is my adoption picture for the anthrosketchxch for reaperfox. She recently came all the way from the UK to visit California :3
California Reaper

And then this ACEO card I made for my mom. Shhh, its a surprise, don't tell her or I'm gonna cut you up so bad you're gonna wish I no cut you up so bad. Stupid me, I fully intended on painting this tonight but I packed my watercolors. I intentionally bought watercolor paper TO watercolor this but I packed my trunk so tightly with..of watercolors clear in the unreachable back. So screw that, I used my gouache which I almost forgot to pack as it was hiding in what I've since dubbed "the art cupboard" :D :D :D :D So instead its gouache and pen on watercolor paper. And yes, there are ACEO sized prints available through ArtSpots! Just click the "get a print" button at the top of the page after you click the thumbnail.


The one on the right's going "can I have sooooome? I'll be yer best friend!"