November 17th, 2007

Shabu Dog


Well, I've moved, got a corporate job (oddly enough, I got my old job back but doing better stuff) and should be starting up soon, and with FC coming up it looks like I'm going to be closing commissions save for the odd thing here and there.

Just a heads up. I figure I'll close commissions for /everything/ (ie: sketches, icons, conbadges and the like) the same day I'll close the By Christmas ACEO cards so, juuuuust letting you know. That's November 22nd, Thanksgiving. After that I'm going to be doing more personal projects and might take on the occasional commission but they'll be few and far between.

Still no internet at my new place, that will be fixed this week though. For now I'm back in the desert tying off some loose ends.

Yay real life! :D