November 23rd, 2007

Oh Noez!

Good gnus and bad gnus

Good news: I kind of have internet connectivity at my place.
Bad news: Its only on wa_lawdawg's laptop and he leaves tomorrow again for work so I'll have no internet.

More bad news: According to Verizon I may have to reinstall windows to get my internet to work on my computer.

Even more bad news: i don't know how to do all. D: D: D: D: D: *sadfase*

So it looks like I'll be internetless for awhile until I can figure out how to fix this mess. tarnac do you know what I should do? I think I might call my dad and see whats up. This seems ridiculous that my internet worked fine in the desert (wireless) but now it doesn't in the mountains. Huh.

Well, at least theres more good news to make this a total news sandwich, I had an awesome Thanksgiving last night with tarnac, cannibalmouth and wa_lawdawg in which I cooked the entire meal by myself. OOOOOH my god panic but it turned out lovely *triumph*

Hope you all had a good one! I guess I'll just go read or go outside or do something non technical for now until I can figure out this business :(