November 28th, 2007

Niko - Beer - Winter

Holiday Prints and Originals sale + Conbadge commissions officially open

Hey everyone. I put up a bunch more prints for sale through Artspots and I've reduced the prices significantly for your holiday shopping needs. After Christmas prices will be going back up to their normal rates so if you've always wanted a print of something of mine now is the time to get it! I've also put up some originals for sale, some have already been sold, supplies seem to be going pretty fast.

Please check em out, and if there's an image of mine you would like to see as a print, please let me know and I will happily oblige providing I have a high res file of it still available. Contact is


Also I'm officially open for Digital Conbadge Commissions to be completed for FC at a price of $40. Please contact me if interested.

I have select ACEO prints available for only $3 each! These prints are also available through ArtSpots but these are not on the thicker stock they have but on glossy stock and are individually sleeved for protection.

ACEO prints I have available at the $3 rate are:

Kanvavroom (2 left)
Punk Giraffe (8 left)
Gladilion (6 left)
Lookout (5 left)
Dino Dragon (5 left)

Shipping is only $1 and of course multiple purchases of these $3 ACEO prints means you only pay shipping once! Please email me if you would like them. Remember, once these prints are gone only the ones provided through ArtSpots will be available. They are color accurate and again, individually sleeved, so hey, why not? :)