January 29th, 2008

Niko - Poppies - FeralityIllust

FC Post!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures this time around but according to smokepaw there /will/ be video..and maybe some pictures. Also, panth I'm sure has some goodies as well :3

So I'll do a day by day breakdown, but under the cut to save your friends page.

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Overall I had an excellent con. Got to hang out with near everyone I wanted to hang out with. Got some cool art from feralityillust, chlorophyta (thanks Nev :), trufflehog (omg I have to scan it..), zzyllo, and if I'm forgetting anyone please lemme know >_> I didn't commission any badges this con which I'm slightly disappointed by, but to be honest I didn't even think about it until Sunday and I didn't want to rush anyone at that point. I did however get a boar stuffed animal (the same one trufflehog got, BUT I GOT MINE FIRST! >:D) and innitially named him Jaeger but I call him Professor Piggins. I still think you need to name yours Lord Porkington, Louve XD

Sales were good, I'm very happy that everyone liked my toony badges. I may offer them at Califur. If you got art from me can you please scan it and send it to thornwolf227@gmail.com? Thank you! And thanks jonaswins for sending yours. I'll have to upload it soon :)

That said I got absolutely /no/ commissions for my superduper wee-wow badges so those 6 (and only) slots are still available to those who want them. They're $65 (this includes the cost of shipping) and they're done in watercolor and colored pencil. This is what they look like for those curious:

e-mail me if interested. I'm winding down the commission list but I alotted myself space for these, so after these are used up IIIII'm not really gonna do furry commissions for a good long while.

Thank you everyone for making this con so awesome :D <3 Will do again! A+!
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