March 16th, 2008

Minor Konflict!

That's right, you're wrong!

An interesting article based on the old "The customer is always right" phrase and why it shouldn't be applied to business at all.

Having worked in retail and also as a freelancer, I stand by not ever using this policy. While working in retail, time and time again I was cussed at, spat at, belittled, and when I ran to my managers for help, they would give the customer everything they wanted and then some, in front of me, and I received smug "victory" glares from the unruly customer. It made my time there absolutely /miserable/ and hate my bosses more and more to the point where I didn't even care who they were going to have to beg to replace me if I called in sick to work. If they treated me better, I would probably have felt guiltier about them being a man short.

In the freelance world, I refuse to take shit from /anybody/. I /will/ cancel your commission if you're an unruly asshole to me. I love money, yes, and certainly like everybody else I need it, but honestly you couldn't pay me enough to accept the kind of abuse I've gotten. Hell, I once even canceled a commission outright, no excuses, hands down, because the commissioner was treating my /boyfriend/ like absolute shit, and had the nerve to call me unprofessional because I was letting personal matters affect my business relationships. ;)

I encourage artists to not take shit from anyone, and if you work in a job where your managers are constantly making you look like the jerk in front of the customers, I suggest printing out this article and pinning it to their office door ala Martin Luther.