May 20th, 2008

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Califur 08!

I'll put it under the cut cuz its long.
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Overall: An excellent con that went off without a hitch! No hectic packing and setup, no problems with the con itself, I had an /excellent/ time, no hangovers, no con-crud (actually the Buckley's I drank cleared that cough I had right up...I have a lingering cough from when I had the flu 3 weeks ago :O apologies to those I annoyed!), no drama, /perfect/ dinner plans that were just the size I like, no planning nightmares, just an all around good con. Would appreciate a different venue next year, but we'll see how that goes :)

Thank you everyone for a great time! To everyone I met/saw/ hung out with, hope to see you at FC for round 2 XD
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