May 23rd, 2008

Owned - Mufasa

Question about Open Canvas and a Belated Birthday wish

Does Open Canvas work on Macs? How do I go about obtaining the version that does work for Macs if there is one? I miss OC, but for some reason something happened to my other copy when I had my PC still up and running and my spoonpen went bye bye and I couldn't get it back to working again.

Oh and a happy belated birthday to silver_huskey! Sorry bud, I was watching it coming and watching it coming and then I was like "OH SHIT" *huggins* Guys go over and wish her a happy belated birthday because I'm retarded apparently and she needs the love.
Niko by Kilo

Conbabies that have come home!

Here's some stuff I did at Califur. I'm actually /very/ disappointed that the lighting was so shitty (it was dark, and the light was yellow, made for a lot of miscolorations) so these don't look as vibrant as I had wanted unfortunately :( It's so weird how light affects so much.


Badge for tarnac of his fursuit
G.C. is So Money

Commission for QuickXyk of FA ( Who was an absolute pleasure to work with, and oh so nice! Description's on the full version:
Augh my colors!

A Ki'rin for Drake the Centaur. He also was very fun to talk to and also very nice. Goodness I really lucked out this con when it came to sweet commissioners.
Ki'rin for Drake

If anyone has a badge or sketch from the con, could you please send it to me at Thank you!