May 28th, 2008

Niko - Foxfeather

Help the Genets

My good friend foxfeather recently lost the female of a breeding pair of genets she had rescued. She is offering tagua nut pendants and other items on her website to help get another mate for her male genet, and also to get him checked out by the vet to make sure he is healthy as well and won't suffer the same fate.

Please, for the genet's sake, check out her stuff on her website and this journal entry of hers to see if there's anything you might want to help these little critters out. As a lot of you know, Fox spends a great deal of her time, money, and energy rescuing animals from bad situations or uneducated people who do not know how to properly care for exotics and gives them a loving home where they are properly taken care of, but this incident came as a total surprise and Fox needs a little bit of help recovering from this tragedy.

Here's her LJ explaining what's she's offering, but I strongly advise visiting her site to see if there's anything else that catches your eye as well! She's very talented and does all sorts of custom work, Native crafts of very fine quality, and other odds and ends (such as my icon here which is painted by her).

Thank you!
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