June 6th, 2008

Frasier - Island Niles


vantid and I have come up with a new game.

"Find That Pairing!"

The object is to find porn of pop culture icons/characters on the internet.

Rules:I'll start with a pairing to find, the first
person to find evidence of this porn gets to pick the next pairing for us to find. And so forth. I'll update this post with the current pairing to be found. Comment here with your findings, pics preferable XD Oh and if you cant find it, then it defeats rule #34 and we'll move on XD The point isnt to be too stumping, the point is to be ridiculous.

LOL this oughta be fun...

See comments for details on the finds, caution, may not be SFW

first pairing: find

Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders - Found by vantid! (we promise we didn't know this actually existed before, check the comments for details.
The Joker and Batman - Found by westly_roanoke
Wolverine and Magneto - Found by vantid
The Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote - Found by doodlesthegreat
Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse - Found by thornwolf

Next up:
Jesus and Aslan