August 26th, 2008

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Wait List

Right now I'm not accepting formal commissions because I have too much of a backlog I need to work through and then I want to draw for myself for a bit, but I /do/ have a waitlist available for those who want a commission from me, big or small, but don't want to have to hover my LJ to see if I'm offering stuff.

If you would like a commission from me at some point, please email me at and I can give you a price quote. When I'm either offering commissions of that type (for example if its con time and Im taking badge commissions and you are on the wait list for a badge I'll move you up) or when you come up in the queue (I keep things in order otherwise) I'll email you and see if you still want the slot. You only pay when your number comes up, so no prepayment necessary to just be on the wait list.

You can even pass up the offer if you can't afford it at the time or need time for decision, and be moved to the back of the queue. Three "passes" and I'll remove you from my waitlist to make room for others.

$10 sale sketches do not apply however as those are first come first serve as they are on sale, but for more refined things I will refer to my waitlist first instead of opening up outright.

Right now I only have one person on my wait list so the line is short.

So please, if you're interested, email me and we can work out an agreed upon price :) The benefit of this is as you know, my prices are subject to change. Once you tell me what you want and I give you that quote, your commission will be at the price I quote you even if a year from now I decide to up my prices. So this is another benefit of being waitlisted.

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Warning about a bad deal

Fewer things get me as riled as people not paying artists what they're worth. I'm writing to alert folks of a specific example of this, simply by giving the details of what the pay rate is. You can make your own decisions for yourselves to work for this individual for these prices, it's of my opinion that any artist who contributes to something like this further encourages the low pay of skilled artists and perpetuates the opinion of non-artists that good art is cheap.

If you are approached by a user named Ken09199 on DeviantArt to draw items for his virtual pet site LuraPets, please be aware of the pay rate he quoted me when I asked for more information.

Pay rate for items: $0.50 per completion of each item. Example here:

Pay rate for NPC's (characters): $5.00

Also, you can get up to $2.00 for items and up to $7.00 for NPC's if the artwork is, to quote, "fantastic". The owner of this site told me that they pay based on the quality of the image. If your art is better, naturally they'll pay more. A dollar more.

I'm aware some people may feel this is a fair deal. It's your choice of course, but realize that items of that quality, for most people, would take about 20 minutes to a half an hour, earning you a pay rate of $1.00 per hour for an item you can't sell elsewhere. Minimum wage in my state is something closer to $8.00 for reference.

I asked if that price was per useage of the item, like if someone buys the item on the site, is the artist entitled to a fraction of the proceeds. The answer is no, this is a one time payment of 50 cents per item drawn.

Here's my official response:
I'm sorry but that is horribly unreasonable. Especially as pay is
completely based on someone's opinion . If my work is as good as you
said it was when you approached me you'd already know that I take my
work very seriously and consider it just that: work. I wouldn't ask
you to do your job for a dollar an hour for something you won't be
able to sell anywhere else, please don't ask the same of me.

Best of luck finding "quality" artists who will find these prices
reasonable but I can assure you, they're hard to find.

I'm of course not here to bash the individual, after all he approached me on his own accord and complimented me on my work, but I felt the need to draw attention to yet another example of why our market is so bad, that these are the prices people expect to pay for quality work.

*edit* Kind of unrelated but did anyone catch the top banner of the site where it says "battle collect buy trade sell friends"? Am I the only one who finds that, when said as a phrase, totally hilarious? :D
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