August 27th, 2008

Frasier - Peanuts

$10 sketches again

I gotta pick up the tablet to do some remaining thank you sketches for people who donated last time so I figured I'd take on a couple more while I have Photoshop open (that and the fact that I had a tire blowout going down the mountain today...ow.)

So, $10 sketch commissions, you know the drill, paypal only please, sent to Comment here if interested, its first come first serve. $10 per each additional character, add $5 for wings. Once you've commented to reserve your spot and get my reply as a confirmation please email me your description at the same address and paypal me immediately plz. Sorry, won't do delayed payments or vouchers for "will pay next week I promise" this time cuz I've gotten burned too many times. SO! that said...

Who wants a digital sketch for $10?

1. animecat
2. keesh
3. silverfoxwolf
4. silverfoxwolf
5. mehndix - paid

Thanks everyone!
Dino - Cabazon - Pee Wee

Dinosaurs! Yes!

Dude you guys remember this from the 80's? I didn't remember it was hosted by Christopher Reeve, I just remember it from the awesomely violent but gruesome (read "juicy") stop motion animation. Scared me in parts as a kid but OH YES DINOS! I tried to find it before but to no avail. Awesome :D LOL outdated info. I'm sad they didn't show Mr. Rex or Dinny though :( (Cabazon Dinos)

Brontosaurus is such a sweet guuuuuuuuuuuuuy

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