January 11th, 2009

300 Affordable

Przewalski Mother Prints

I have prints available of Przewalski Mother through ArtSpots! I also submitted a print to DA but the artist gets a much better cut on AS than DA for the same price roughly.


The original might be in the ArtShow after all thanks to Vantid. That has yet to be seen though so I'll be sure to tell you guys where it will be, but either way the original will be available, but, it's my baby so I'm a bit more attached to it than my other pieces, so I'd have to get a considerable offer to part with it.

Should I bring my previous year's "Beneath the Arena", the Lion with the gladiator helmet? That original is hanging in my house but it is still available for sale. If anyone's interested in that one please shoot me an email, thornwolf227@gmail.com