September 8th, 2009

Artistic - Amarafox

Glass Pendants - Holiday Sales, Etsy, and Holiday Orders!

It's that time of year again. Time to put a pause on saving up for those jet skis you've always wanted and start putting a little extra dosh aside to buy holiday gifts for the folks you only see once or twice a year. But what to get them?

If you're aiming for something a little more personal than a Starbucks gift card, now is the time to order a custom painted glass pendant to be ready in time for your December holiday of choice!

Turn your favorite animal, fur-kid, or character into a wearable piece of art!
Rectangular designs are $98
Square designs (best for cats and close ups!) are $75


Don't have enough for a custom design? Check out my brand new Etsy store, because I've just lowered the prices on some of your favorite pre-painted designs by $10! I have one of a kind jewelry listed for as low as $31.40. I've even posted some brand new designs as well, check it out!

Here's some of my latest designs:
"Nevermore" - SOLD

Savannah Queen
"Savannah Queen" - Available on Etsy

"Red" - Available on Etsy

If you're interested in a custom design, please feel free to contact me at thornwolf227 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!