October 15th, 2009

Hair of the Dog - DC

Character Design - Big Red (temp name)

It figures. I tell myself I'm going to draw something for myself because I've been doing nothing but working on commissions for 2 straight weeks, and I still end up doing something for someone else. Ah well, it's for a good cause:

DOG-IFYING MY BOYFRIEND! It's an obsession. I have to dogify everyone. He requested a dog character and I figured I'd do a little doodling tonight to try to design one for him.

We...and by we I mean skorzy myself and siegewolf, earlier decided that he would be some kind of hunting/sporting breed. I then decided he couldn't be anything other than a stupid knuckly bird dog. With freckles.

SOOOOO Vannie and I started the online search for gangly bird dogs that have freckles. "This breed has this feature I want but not this one! And THIS one has that other feature I want, but not the others!"
Vannie: "MUTT TIME!"
Me: *squee!*

And so, here's my thought process of trying to cross a German Wirehaired Pointer and a Brittany Spaniel. Sorry it's messy. My thoughts usually are.


Still not final of course, the beef has to approve it, change it, and name it (and probably will hem and haw now that I've called it stupid..and knuckly..and gangly) but really, he's a red freckled bird dog with a moustache. COME ON!

Brief Pause

I'm having a family related medical crisis as well as some stuff to take care of this weekend with my family members coming into town and will therefore be away from tomorrow, through the weekend, to mid next week. I won't have Painter available to me during this time, so progress on autumn icons will be made once I return Wednesday. Other commission progress won't be made this weekend, either, but will resume next week. I will bring some real media things with me in case I get time to work on them but it will be doubtful given the nature of my away time.

I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience. I'll still be available via email but please don't expect me to answer as swiftly as usual.

Thank you.