June 17th, 2011

Shabu Dog

Art Post! - And something for sale

I know it's been awhile, and I apologize. I mostly upload to FurAffinity nowadays, mostly because I get the most comments there. Yes, I'm a comment whore.

But here, have some art.

Waiting room doodle for keovi of her dog, Kiwi and her boyfriend's unguarded cinnamon bun.

Collapse )

And something I'm actually selling (this is a new thing for me!). Unfortunately you do have to be a FurAffinity user to participate, but I am auctioning off this character design and rights to the highest bidder. You get the high resolution full color image, the high res sketch, and full rights to the character. That's right, you buy him, the character is yours, not just the image! I just ask you don't make any money off of my actual artwork (eg: selling prints, t-shirts, etc.) Starting bid is as low as $10, so if you'd like to see about winning him, please check out the auction link below! It only lasts the weekend though, ends Sunday at 6PM

Click below to view auction and details!

Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed :)