June 23rd, 2011

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Need help! - Local snake sitter?

Hey everyone! I have a bit of an odd question..

skorzy and I might be going on an extended trip (or a series of smaller trips) in late September going until mid October and we need someone local (we're in Orange County) to take care of our snake.

She's pretty low maintenance, we just don't have anyone in the house who isn't afraid of snakes who can give her water. We'd feed her before we left (and allowed time for her to um...do her business so we don't knowingly leave our poor snake sitter with that duty!)

Emmy is a 7 foot Colombian boa constrictor, has her own 36"x22"x2foot terrarium (plastic, with heating element), and is a very docile and nice snake.

Is there anyone local with snake experience (or is just generally not afraid of snakes) who can take her for about 3 weeks during this time? We'd bring her to you, and pay you (negotiable! I'm honestly not sure what would be considered fair for snake sitting, I normally dog sit but dogs are more involved XD).

Just getting a feel for who might be available. :) (and also what you'd charge for doing this, like I said, I really have no idea.) Thanks in advance!