September 28th, 2014

Shabu Dog


Making my first post in a long time because I think necessity has looped back around enough that we need LJ again, so I guess I'll give it a shot? And public, wowww big day for me.

I pretty much live on Twitter these days. I'm @ThornwolfArt if you're not already following and would like to.

So what's new since I last posted? Well, a lot. skorzy and I are going to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next weekend with a small group of close friends in Joshua Tree. See, we had planned on exchanging vows in Joshua Tree the first time around, but 4 days before our wedding the government shut down, and with it, all of the national parks. It worked out in the end with a backup plan, but we'd still like to have a 1 year reflection in our original location.

Also, I recently got a job! It was originally supposed to be a contract position that ended in October, but they like me so much they offered me a full-time job. That...that is a huge deal. I've been un/underemployed for over 2 years now, and fortunately we had one income so that was ok but wow. That just does a number on your self esteem and psyche. Not a lot of people know this because I find it irrelevant to my online life but I am (surprise) NOT an artist in my RL professional life. I'm a copywriter/marketer. I have been at this for about 7 years now and while freelance has been okay, I've been trying to get a full-time relationship with a company on a contract basis or even become an in-house employee, but it's been hard getting over the hurdles. Long story short, apparently I proved my worth, they love me, and I love them, and I'm happy!

I'm working on finishing all of the outstanding commissions in my queue so I can go back to doing art out of my own head again. That's where my Patreon comes in but I only have so much time to dedicate, so finishing my list of owes, not taking any more, then using Patreon to both encourage me to draw the things I've been meaning to and also give back to the folks who have supported me.

So yeah! Hi, hello. :)

*EDIT* It occurred to me that I never shared my wedding photos here! So here's a link to 2 Tumblr posts I put together outlining everything. I'm pretty proud of this, as it was mostly DIY on a limited budget and we had TONS of fun with it :3
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