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its amazing what you can accomplish in an hour..

this is what i did in one hour:
- somehow made my way out of the student parkinglot
-called Tav and actually managed to get ahold of him for 3 minutes
-went home and picked up my dress, shoes and bra and milled around online for a few
-got my dress turned in to be altered at Xuan's Alterations *in the mercado, if anyones interested, they still have openings
-went to Bernard O's and talked about the menu. we get the wine cellar room and we dont have a limited menu anymore. WOO HOO! just make sure we dont go over 12 people and were set =)
-Got a new hair appointment later in the day, at 2:00 at Christine's *the place where Tiff goes..* Amy..try to call there and get an appointment..the number is 592-0755

and i still have 5 minutes left and im making this journal entry.

and i thought time wasnt my friend =)
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