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Con Report

okay, small con, but it was really fun =)

got to hang out with StarFinder and her new boytoy..whats his name? i just know hes a husky and his real names Jason =)
met SeaWolf and this nice Folf guy OH OH! and i met Ch'marr and he gave me a big old hug and we talked about planes..although of course he knows way more about them than i do. *grin*

I also saw Michele Light there but i didnt introduce myself or anything. im shy =)

Me, Star, Kura, and Star's friend were all sitting in front of her table just hanging out and drawing and the bitch that was sitting at the next table kept saying "dont sit in front of my table!" im not in front of YOUR table this is StarFinders table. she goes "well move over."
im like..what?! an INCH? and she goes "yeah that would be great"

bitch. she had a hairy chin. *shudder* its not even like anyone was buying anything from her.

OH! and as an extra special bonus i met Diadexxus totally unexpectedly! she was with CrazedYote *a name i remember from someones drawings on VCL..but not sure whos* but yeah..Diadexxus is soo nice =) glad i got to see her.

i bought a husky plush that had the same diamond on its forehead thorn of COURSE 16 bucks wasnt too much for that little dealy..and i bought 2 white tails, one for me, one for Engel. im gonna let him have first pick and airbrush the one he doesnt pick so i can have a thorny tail =) i let Kura wear the other one for the day though.

and i got recognized, some guy came up to me and said he knew my badge from Yerf and stopped over to say hi. and Manawolf's boyfriend *according to Xian* came over in his fursuit and started playing with my hair..that was interesting.

got some cool piccies from StarFinder, i gotta scan them for her. Thank you!!!! I drew some stuff for her too, and i got a Lifemates print...loverly =D

also, Westly, i got a surprise for you =) i just need your mailing addy. please e-mail me *grin*

Then Kura and i went to Xian's house after stopping at a subway for a sandwich. Xians so sweet, sorry she was feelin sorta icky, but i drew her some pics and she drew in my sketchbook *YAY! thank you so much! i lurve it =) ill scan that for you too if youd like*

we were gonna watch "spirited away" but we didnt have time. we went to the koi pond though and fed the fish, and they got me totally soaking wet and Xian let me use her blow drier to dry water *blech*

we then wandered around >_< because i had to say something about it along the lines of "ill never go there again because of this and this reason" so of course Xian and Kura had to check it out, lol! ah well. Then, right when Kura and i were leaving, Blizzard came home and i got to say a quick hello/goodbye =)

Thank you Xian for having us over! i love you spottycat!
*poof!* =D

then comes the not so fun part....

Kura and i got lost in LA. i knew this was going to happen. there was some work going on on the 710 or something and there were detours and alternate routes and stuff and it got us confused, so we went to a gas station and asked directions. that dorks directions led us back to the same gas station in one huge loop!!! ugh! i was so aggravated...
so we went in there and started looking at one of the maps they had on display figuring out where we were supposed to go, and the gas station guy was like "give it here! you folded it all wrong now i have to fix it! rar!" okay..maybe not rar..but how do i convey annoyance? so im like "yeah? well your crappy directions LED US IN A HUGE FREAKING LOOP! were just trying to NOT be lost. thank you very much" and stormed out there....i really do NOT like driving in the L.A. area. so we finally found the 405, which somehow turned into the 5, and Kura and i were going insane..we laughed all the way from garden grove to san diego making insane observations such as "do bugs have a purgatory?" 0_o

when youre tired, and hungry, strange things happen. oh yeah..that reminds me..we were looking for a mcdonalds cuz we got a strange craving for mcnuggets. along the way we saw 11 mcdonalds..JUST on the side of the road. 3 near that one gas station! what is WITH this country? and when we finallyw ent to the Mcdonalds close to home, they forgot my fries and only put 5 mcnuggets in my 6 piece box >=/

but yeah..con = fun, driving = not. =)

thanks everyone!
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