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I dont know what suddenly brought this on, it could be the fact that im alone, but im feeling extremely lonely all of a sudden. I've been home alone working on my stupid homework, which im not going to finish tonight anyways so it doesnt matter.
Tav and i had a little tiff earlier just cuz my mom was being vague about our plans for *whos going to pick who up and when* when we go to new york and it was stressing us both out. No big deal really but i havent talked to him for a long time and i dont like leaving on a bad note *sigh* it depresses me and i can't get to sleep unless i talk to him.

I know that sounds all weepy and mushy, but seriously, hearing his voice soothes my nerves and makes me feel not so alone. I havent seen my friends in weeks other than Tiffany, but she has other friends to hang with too and the time to do it. i dont have the time is all....
class, artwork, online and tavis are my life right now. Even when my friends call me to do something i dont really want to cuz i know i have so much other stuff to do...

I just want to cry...
Tavis come home *whine*
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