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no i will not draw you an avatar

Okay, despite my most recent posts about how i am currently ONLY taking commissions and that i am nearly FULL of commission taking, people still ask me *Thorn will you draw me an avatar?* *Thorn will you create a character for me?* *Thorn youre such a great artist, will you please make me an entire portfolio dedicated to my character?* *Thorn oh my god can you teach me how to BE you?*

much appreciation on the compliments but there comes a time in every young wolfies life where she just cant take it anymore. *goes to throw hat down but realize she doesnt wear grabs one and throws it on the ground* This is where i draw the line. From now until September, or whenever it is i am done with my commissions, there will be NO free avatars, NO free sketches/drawings/la de da what have you because i am a VERY VERY BUSY WOLFY. My FRIENDS on TIB and LJ understand this, so why cant all the rest of whoever comes into contact with me? do they not read? are they illiterate? Does my "no im sorry i am currently not taking any free requests" come off as "please oh please send me your meaningless projects i need them i want them i crave them"???

Now, should i decide to make someone a gift pic such as Zer that is MY OWN BUSINESS. it is because my creative juices are flowing and i need to put them down on paper. Should you happen to be one of the few whos characters i draw out of sheer boredom well then lucky you. However, most likely they will be of, Silver, CW, Engel, Kimbo, etc. whoever i feel like drawing at the time and it most likely happens to be them because they are my buddies and they contribute to the "Thornwolf happiness factor".
You make me exceedingly happy..and maybe just MAYBE i will take time from Jerry's commission to draw you a doodle. But please, dont act like this is a promise.
Thank you for your time and cooperation..i think im going to go scream now.

oh and one last thing...
Iditarod, no i will not teach you photoshop!
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