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girls with powertools

Arrived at Lake Havasu last night. Tiffalynx couldnt come cuz her mom decided last minute she needed to teach Tiff a lesson somehow for something she did like 5 years ago or some shit. not happy bout that cuz that means im alone here with dad, his girlfriend June *which is okay* and Junes two girls, Joy and April. *sigh*
Theyre sleeping right here next to me....April just farted.

Today this is what i did:
woke up
Worked on Arbeys commission
Built a desk/computer hutch combo
went out did some shopping
mailed Silver's commission
Read part of a book on "how to get people to like you in 90 seconds or less" reccommended reading by my dad *i dont usually have a problem getting people to like me...*
learned about UFO's
Ate dinner
and some other unimportant things i would rather not have been doing

The thing is, the whole day my dad had my car keys and i had to get in my car so i could charge my phone. my phone was totally dead and iwasnt able to get the keys until tonight so my phone was dead when tavis tried to call me..which was about 50 times.
we usually check in during the day to make sure were okay and stuff and see how things are going...and worried him that he couldnt get ahold of me and things got bad. things are okay now i just think he was shaken a little bit. i would have been too, so i dont blame him.

Then, as June and i were building the hutch for the computer, my dads boss/friends spoiled 30/40 something year old son calls us and tells us his planes grounded *yes he has his own plane* and that he needs to stay with us for the night. we already have 5 people here, ther are 4 bedrooms, and there were 4 in his party. Him, his bitchy ass girlfriend, and their two guests.

well long story short i cant stand his girlfriend, Christine. Shes a skanky, belly shirt wearing slut who has no manners whatsoever and is *i believe* only using Daryl cuz his daddys rich.

for instance, she and her guests are picking out which rooms they want. She kicks ME out of my room and says *WERE TAKING THIS ONE* and tells her friends they can have the room with the bunk beds. now thats rude, give her GUESTS the room with the BUNK beds? the polite thing to do would be "oh here, daryl and i will take the bunk beds, youre our guests, by all means, go ahead and use the other room."
that is MY room damnit. she should sleep on the couch.
then she comes in as June and i were building the hutch and goes,"and the toothpaste is....WHERE??" with her arms crossed and crabby expression on her face. she could have asked "could you tell me where the toothpaste is please?"
when i was hammering the nails into that hutch i was envisioning her face on each and every one. i heard dad use the *F* word when referring to her so im sure he feels the same way.

*sigh* talking to Tavis now. i miss him dearly, but since im sleeping in the same room as the farting girls im not going to get any privacy.
i may sleep on the couch and just pray to god the scorpions dont get me in the middle of the night.
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