An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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new community!

hell hath no fury like a thornwolf scorned..or in this case a thornwolf in a bad mood.

ive created a new LJ community, one to rant about annoying people/fans/people in the fandom..whatever. i love my fans, you know i do, but of course i get those obnoxious *will you draw my neopets? oh and for free too..thanks* and i thought..gee...i bet a lot of people have these issues but wanna get them off their chest.

so..viola..i give you "fantards" *name courtesty of Katarina Uber Wench!*

have fun, rant, share stories, enjoy! but remember, no flaming or exposure of e-mail addresses..or i shall prick you *is thorny*
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