An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

invasion of space much?

so....those unwanted guests i told you about in my last post? well i told you they were sleeping in my room which meant i had to sleep on the couch. they came home late *yes, they went out, and left their friends behind* and saw that i was on the couch. theyre like "so what are you doing up?" i said "im sleeping here." they go...oh..and then just walk into my room, not saying anything about thank you for letting us use your room or anything =P

then...i was talking to tavis on the phone and all of a sudden i hear these ungodly sounds coming from my bedroom. yes..they were having sex, in my bed =P
i told tav and he just laughed and was like "oh my god!". they finished and i thought..gross.
then, after i hung up the phone with tavis, they went at it AGAIN! ugh! its so obnoxious! there are CHILDREN in the house! there are 9 people in a house that has 4 rude is that? *ew ew ew ew ew ew ew*
so i ran in my dads bedroom, started yelling and throwing things and cursing and saying that ive had it with those rude people and that he should talk to them in the morning and i told him what happened. he was disgusted, June was like "that skanky bitch!" and so i slept in there. in the morning i just kept glaring at that skanky tobacco monkey hoping shed realize what i was mad about. dad never talked to them. june was gonna tell her off but dad said dont worry about it. *sigh* i cant believe he didnt say anything. oh well. luckily they arent staying here anymore.

oh and one more thing, junes like "you need to wash your sheets" and they go...oh? like...concept! lol! ah well. some people just never grow up.

now dont get me wrong im all for keepin the magic alive but theres a time and a place for everything. Tav agrees with least some of us know common decency.

Talked to CW, Tiff, Snow, Silver, Winter and Jerry last night. Silver and i were havin some fun just laughing it up and CW joined in the fun. I introducted Tiff to CW, she thinks hes nice, but then again who couldnt? CW's just a ray of canadian sunshine =)
Winter had some great aleu pics to show me and Jerry doubted me in my knowledge of his commission....i got it covered Jerry ;)
Snow and i had some good catching up time. really needed to talk to her i missed her. Tiff coincidentally built a computer desk the same night i did! =)
anyhoo...yeah thats all for catching up right now. were not going on the boat today cuz igot too much sun yesterday *me? too much sun? naaah* and i started to feel faint. i hate water and i dont drink it thats prolly why. so i get to stay in the AC =)

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