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content..for once. - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
content..for once.
showers are relaxing. theyre a good way to reflect on your actions and your thoughts. today was not one of my greatest, hopefully tomorrow will be better and i can start as a fresh, new, happy person..the happy go lucky little wuff i usually am =) *feels perky suddenly* and that certain parties will forgive me for my rudeness and diarrhea of the emotions =P it all comes with that time of the month..i promise..but thats no excuse. *offers humble apologies*

i posted in the "customers suck!" LJ community. its really interesting to hear everyones customer stories. i love my job. i find it nice that i dont have hardly anything to complain about. i plan on keeping it as long as location permits. but i also hope that i can move to encinitas...not sure if i mentioned that yet...will later.

i feel like doodling gift art. not sure who, or why. i just feel like it. i wish i had cable so i could watch some comedy central while i did so, but i think i might pop in a disney movie. that usually gets the creative juices flowing..ironic though, since they hardly allow their animators to venture out with their own ideas. heh =)

i think im going to go snuggle with Briar. i think thats what im going to call my new Thorn-look-alike plushy. its only fitting =)

*shakes off wet hair*

i think ill have good dreams tonight. *mrr*

Current Mood: chipper chipper
Current Music: the ringing in my ears....wheres that coming from?

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dragoncreator From: dragoncreator Date: May 1st, 2003 04:52 am (UTC) (Link)
*sends some "good dream" energy to Thorn* At least your staying postive. :)
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