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bugs and drugs

For Gryllus and the Binaries

Today was some assembly on driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. im guessing they did it for prom. they do it every year...
they dressed up students as "dead people" and they werent allowed to talk or smile or anything. kind of obnoxious. its an unnecessary tug at the heartstrings that some people just DONT need if you ask me.

i have work from 5:30 till 8:30 tonight. i feel really bad for Tav though. hes going to be at work until 4 AM *sigh*

i cant wait to see Nell's dress, which reminds me..i still gotta go pick mine up =/

i gotta get a new bra if i can find one. the one i have is kind of tight..*either that or i grew some...yeah..right..*

random note: my animation teacher is cool =)
but he lost Remy's e-mail >_< something tells me im never going to get my stuff back from her.

im loving the Customers_suck LJ community =)

okay...end of randomness
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