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Dam! thats a bad joke!

Today instead of going on the boat, we all went to Parker Dam. of course this left everyone open to my corny jokes. i found out that Parker is the deepest dam in the world and im like Thats Dam Deep!
*so wheres the Dam tour?*
*Thats a long Dam walk!*
*is there any Dam fishing?*
* i have some Dam questions that need some Dam answers*
*looked at all that dammed water!*

and so on and so forth.

we then rented some videos, Corky Romano *watching it now* the Majestic *have yet to see it* and Jimmy Newtron. *hell if im gonna watch that while awake*

i enjoyed my talk with tavis last night. we were being cute as always. i see him in about 2-3 days and i still need to buy some shoes for walking! *panicks* i hope i find some....

i think ill just get some more pairs of converse..only white this time...and another pair of black ones =)
Tiffs gonna be at a waterpark with annie *yeah her shingles cleared up*
so she cant go bra shopping with me. pity, lol! i feel awkward going alone though...ick ick ick.

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