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erin middendorf, you have a message.

im in high spirits today. no particular reason. got a nice wakeup call..twice..wait no..three times.
mom actually came into my messy nest of a room just to hug me this morning cuz she was worried about me last night. its a BIG DEAL for her tocome into my room. she hates messes =)

i went back to sleep..

Tavis called me this morning...woke me up but it was pleasant..and enjoyed

went back to sleep..

Tavis called me again to chit chat while he was fiddling with X-Men 2 in the "haunted projection booth." not cuz he was scared, nothings been happening up there for awhile now..but he just wanted to talk i suppose. i enjoyed that too. and i put on toe socks that make my little tootsies look like hands ee! and theyre BLOO!

well..i think im going to go eat something and find Nell's number to give her a call. gotta see if any flower shops are open today. doubt if they are, but it will give me an excuse to get out and enjoy the day while its not raining.

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