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wow. mind yer own business

i dislike it when people get on me about "oh that customer wasnt being annoying..he was being honest! blah blah blah! you should take a lesson from him!" bull. me ranting = me incoherant. i write in my LJ to blow off steam, thats really what i view a LJ as. a place to put my angry feelings *which is why often times i sound not so nice...but this is kinda my personal screaming space, sorry in advance to new readers*.

on another note, i had a really good day. i cant say productive..but it was really good. i couldnt get ahold of ANYONE, called amy, called liz, called nell...only got ahold of travis. its quite awkward going girly makeup prom shopping with a guy who knows nothing about color coordinating, but its nice to have company. Nell is going to give me a makeover, i got my tiara for prom and we got smoothies and people watched for about 45 minutes. we went to "the old theatre" which has now been turned into a church *sighs*. i miss that movie theatre. its one of those symbols of my childhood that have been ruined by progress...yeah sure i guess its okay its a church but..i miss the theatre. at least they had popcorn. its creepy in there though. i swear theres some kind of ghost in the old projection booth *which is now a prayer room*. the upstairs scares me. i would NOT want to be there at night..

anyhoo..then Tiff called and Tony CAN in fact come to dinner with us. so guess what people, we now have 16 dinner guests >_< not because of Tiff, but because Nell's sister is joining our group. we will have a limited menu that will be customized to say "rancho bernardo prom 2003" at my request..they originally was going to have "Nicole's party" wtf? just cuz my names on the reservations? hells no. i dont wanna be blamed for this ;)

BUT BUT BUT! theres GOOD news. he gave me an update on the menu and instead of 2 ribeye thingies they have filet mignon with asparagus * fave* so i put us down for that, the chicken dinner that some people wanted and a salmon. so now we have beef, fish, and salmon. instead of that $30 steak deal we originally voted on. who wants to pay that much if its not filet mignon? i know i dont.

and we get our choice of appetizers =) *wags* so yay! things turn out for the best. we get a private room..everybody say OOOOOOOO!

im excited everyones going to be able to make it. this is going to be kickass.

now that we have enough for the limo, kinda sucks..but at the same time, everyones going to have different agendas AFTER prom ie: Tony has to go home cuz hes gotta get up early, and i may go to delectable desserts with Tiff and/or a few people, so it works out for the best.

*mrr* im so content. seriously. im like..good to go till tomorrow.

Thanks for putting up with me today Trav. Hope it wasnt too emasculating for you.
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