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Thorn and Engel are back together! *huggles everyone*

i think my sweater saved our relationship, hee hee jk ;)

when i picked him up from the airport i was wearing the sweater he really likes a lot and he was wearing the hawaiian shirt i bought him for his birthday, so already we were dressed to impress each other. *giggle*

then as per usual, i got lost on the way home from the airport, but everything went uphill from there. =) meep!

now were going to some free buffet breakfast, im not that hungry..but..its free..its its a buffet...and.....its breakfast! so there we go.

*wiggle wiggle wiggle* were silly wuffs. i think we just needed to see each other.

oh and by the way, he LOVED the tail i bought him =) *not to mention i also had a red bull waiting for him at the house..see? i plan ahead*
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