An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Stand By Me

Thanks silver for putting the Adopt a Character Jenna i drew on her site!

click to adopt your own!

I Adopted Jenna!

Hopefully this will keep the *art request* people at bay...

Right now im watching Stand By Me with the girls. I love this movie, i especially love the Lard Ass part lol!

Went on TIB tonight and sorta in my own little way chewed out ganondorf about yelling at Snow. well i didnt say much but it was intended in my hositility. CW said i had guts but...i dunno. i just dontl ike the fact that ganondorf is hassling Snow on TIB after she kicked her out of HER forums. shes like

this is the topic: Snow wolf (grrrr)
something about "I was steel on your boards why did you kick me out?! GRR!!*
and i said *prolly cuz youre mean and cant spell* steel or steele? wtf?
and snow has every right to kick anyone she wants out of her boards for whatever reason. and thats that. hrmph ;)

besides, snows my buddy *hugs snow*

Sorry i havent been replying to many of anyones comments lately.
i want to let you know theyre all appreciated just with my vacation i havent had much time. *hugs*
you make me laugh ;)
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