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for those who dont know, we had a VERY rude waiter at the french restaurant we went to for prom. *a rude frenchman? well i never!*

Tiff and i asked for shirley temple refills, he put one between us and said "go ahead and fight over it, i dont care."

james asked for water and there was water on the table and he asked "is this going to be enough?"

he pocketed our change, aside from taking the mandatory 18% gratuity. jerk..

he overcharged us for desserts we never ordered and fought with tavis about it when he tried to correct the problem

he was being snooty about splitting up the checks

he said there was another party after us and we had to hurry up..but i found out tonight that there was no one else scheduled for that room later so we could have taken our sweet time...

so i went in and complained to Bernard, the owner. he said i was absolutely right and the most he could do was give him a harsh talking to and a write up... i was hoping for a firing, but ill settle ;) i wonder what will happen when james' dad goes in there. james knows what went on on the other side of the table, all i know was he was VERY rude to my little corner and i glared at him when i went back in this evening. he recognized me and cowered when i asked to speak with the manager.

snooty bastard.

i told Bernard that its not wise to allow employees to treat highschool students so horribly, because they have parents, parents that support this small business and if they have a bad experience the parents are more than likely to not go there because of it. i also mentioned that because of this incident my mom may reconsider where to hold her company party, but that since he was a nice guy and its not actually HIS fault ill try to convince her otherwise. i dont want him to get bad publicity cuz of that jerkoff. its not Bernard's fault. hes a nice guy..he just has a horrid employee. and yeah that reflects bad on him but i think we should still support our local businesses. i mean hell, hes been there for years and everything around here is a *gulp* chain restaurant *gag*.

so anyhoo...he was very nice about it and assured me that hell have it taken care of and he apologized on behalf of that nerd.

fun stuff.

*lights some incense*
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