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all this just to make some copies?

my art classes werent so bad today considering i left early to go make copies of Vestas commission *yes they were open, FINALLY!* but the bad music in the first class drives me nuts and in the second class..well..its figure drawing so...
we had to draw this icky 40 something year old pink skinned guy with saggy balls. i swear to god...he was just about kicking them they were so low. i had to get out of class so i left an hour earlier than i had to saying i had to go somewhere and that tiffany had to come with me cuz shes my ride *which was true, so i wasnt lying* sooooo gross! ICK ICK ICK ICK!

so Tiffany and i went to the copy shop which is the best copy shop in the world but theyre NEVER open! Theyre independently owned so they make their own hours. you have to be lucky and catch them. sometimes theyll close early. *groan* so, the girl was there and i got my copies made.

Never go to Kinkos to get copies. go anywhere else but there, i know that sounds lame but they SUCK. they even SAID that one stop color is better than them..they know how much they suck. everytime i go there my copies turn out green. last time i went there im like *hey, i sell this artwork on auction and i need to make really good copies of it.* they say, *oh, well the colors going to be off, is that okay?* i say...*well now, if i was okay with the colors going to be off, why would i be paying for COPIES of of them?* he said *well you have a point, ill mess with it but theres not much i can do*.

The idiot pressed one button and left me to fend for myself. I fiddled with the copier and i got the color pretty darn close for a beginner. his versions turned out green. =P theyre lazy...
of course, if i worked into a copy shop and had to deal with clueless customers im sure i would be lazy too. cant really blame them...
"Do you think their cognizant of how bad they really have it? Poor bastards..." ~Dante Hicks "Clerks Cartoons ~Episode 6"
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