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yay dad!

Daddy got up early and washed and detailed my car completely while i was asleep! wow! *hugs her daddy* Thanx dad!!
hes so nice. He does a lot of nice spiffy things for me like that.

This is a reminder to me: must get dad that spaghetti pot hes been wanting *search for it in NY*

well, i leave for new york on thursday and that means 2 shopping days to get more bras underwear and decent walking shoes! *desperately needs those items* and if i find some good tank tops that will be a plus too. got to go to target..not about to go to victorias secret again. they think that women have huge asses. i dont...therefore their underwear doesnt fit me right =P

for awhile i thought our maintenance man kept stealing my underwear cuz im missing a lot of it. turned out, it was all in my car!!!! dont ask me how that happened...
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