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what a day

i didnt go to school again today. too ill. i barely made it out for my birthday celebration with my dad but somehow managed to pull my trenchcoat on and see the matrix reloaded.
saw andrea and her boyfriend there, wanted to yell hi but the movie was going to start and i didnt want them catching whatever freakish illness i have..not to mention i get embarrassed at being sick.

the movie i liked the first one better, but the third one better explain a few things =P ill tell ya one thing, the scenes were WAAAAAAY too long.

anyhoo..this is what i got from my birthday from dad and june:
a sunglass clip for my car visor
nightmare before christmas coffee mugs *squee!*
a palm pilot and all its accessories *it has a built in mp3 player, score!*
socks with dogs on them
spirited away dvd. *amy and james and travis, we can watch this after pizza in carlsbad, yay!*

so all in all its been a pretty good birthday cept the sick part.

tavis surprised me with some good news about a possible job change for him..this is really a big deal for him and a WONDERFUL opportunity. im so proud! *huggles her mate* great job Tav..i wish you the best of luck! *mrrs!*

i also have another job offer at lensecrafters. seems interesting, i just may check it out. its more professional and ill be able to get lots of benefits not to mention a discount on the glasses i need to get...badly.

i promised tavis i would go to sleep, so im waiting for my nyquil to kick in before i hit the hay. *passes out*

ugh...i hope i get better by tomorrow....this is ridiculous
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