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jerry seinfeld moment

whats with bathroom towels? you know, the "nice" ones old ladies have in their guest bathrooms that youre not allowed to touch whatsoever? its like theres this unspoken rule that theyre there for looks, but to never ever be used. yet, they may have the "nice" towels, but they dont have useable towels. what am i supposed to drip dry when i wash my hands? wipe it on my jeans like i do everything else? thats rather "un fancy" of me.

i just came out of my bathroom, i washed my hands, and i noticed mom has these nice towels. now..i know im not supposed to use em to dry my hands, but i do anyways cuz what else am i going to use, toilet paper?

my grandma used to have a separate "cruddy" towel shed place by the sink for guests to dry their hands with, yet along side it was a nice towel of the same color with a seashell on it. to the untrained eye, both may be useable, or both may be dress towels..but i knew which was which. shed throw a hissyfit if anyone else used the one with the seashell on it though cuz thats supposed to be a "nice" towel.

decorations? pff. i thought a house was supposed to be lived in, and a bathroom is definitely NOT the place to be finicky about things. last time i checked thats the place you go to do your dirty business away from the "niceness" of the rest of the household. =P
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