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swan song

Travis (Kura) came over to wish me farewell and he got me a PHONEY BONE ACTION FIGURE!!!! *dies* i LOVE Bone! *drool* mm comic-y goodness =)

so then Tiff was gonna come over and do henna on my back for tomorrow, so i went to pick her up, walked downstairs and there was a big fat swan sitting in the middle of the hallway of my appartment building!!! the neighbors were feeding it bread and it started hissing. i ran and picked up tiffalynx and we sat and watched it for awhile. the neighbor across the way was feeding it and giving it bread. then it started hissing and stretching its neck and trying to bite us and stuff. EEEEE!!!!
it was scary!! Tiff was attacked by one before so she knows how hard they can bite. lol!
i swear it was so huge you could put a saddle on it and ride it to work!
mom saw it and thought it was a small child!

so yeah...wonderful last evening home. A day in the life of Thorn is never a dull one.
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