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im in a very peaceful mood rightnow, although i cant stop coughing =P

feeling kinda artful, but all around lazy. im looking forward to summer, i just wish i was a younger kid again at times, the i could still look forward to more summers of doing absolutely nothing.

wow. this sucks. im an adult. and it would be cooler if i was 21 the i could go to vegas....but ah well, i guess ill just have to go to an Indian Casino. rrf.

i gotta earn some money. my jobs not really helping me with that. im trying to save up so i can move out. im gonna try to put up some more auctions and hope they go well. not to mention finish the few commissions i have. lucky for me theyre friends of mine who i keep in contact with quite often. i like that arrangement =)

dont fear the reaper baby..
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